Vehicle Check – a Portal to Manage Your Business

Vehicle Check – a Portal to Manage Your Business

Published on: 18-03-2015 | by Misty in Vehicle Check, Vehicle Inspection Software,, Vehicle Checklist, Vehicle Check App, Mobile Workforce, Digital Forms, Paperless Forms, Enterprise Mobility

If you are a business owner looking for a powerful tool that can help you manage your business better, go for the app called Vehicle Check. This app offers real-time management and employee performance checks regardless of where you are. It saves you time, effort and money while improving your business processes. Monitor the progress of any job and track reports at the comforts of your home or office. The app not only makes your management control better but likewise makes everything and everyone in your mobile workforce productive.

The Vehicle Check has fully equipped digital forms to help you manage the organization and keep all data in a safe storage. It ensures the compliance of your business processes and enhances the professionalism of reports. The forms with their powerful features are designed to help meet your management needs.

Manage Data in Real Time

The Vehicle Inspection Software has a web-based Management Portal that allows you to see exactly what is happening with your organization, in real time. See your data in digital forms move from one section to another while your personnel fill up and submit them. Get an overview of the entire operation with the smart mapping dashboard. Witness how Vehicle Check brings the best of your staff and makes efficiency meet productivity.

While dispatching jobs to your mobile workforce, you harness the power of the Cloud as you send ready to use paperless forms to your team’s mobile devices in seconds. This is possible through the Management Portal, which can pre-fill the input forms with pertinent information. You manage, track and see all the key aspects of your business from anywhere, in real time.

Custom-built Management Portal and Two-Way Communication

The Management Portal provides for your enterprise mobility needs. You get a unique username and password to access Cloud data and likewise assign logins to your employees without worrying about data loss or vital information being stolen. You have total control of your staff and they do not need to input information again on repeat jobs because of the pre-fill fields feature, a great time-saving tool that is triggered before the job is dispatched.

There is also the two-way communication feature in the enterprise mobility software that is perfect for purchase orders, work orders and risk assessments. People in the field submit the form, and the supervisor is notified through the form link. The latter can add comments or actions and send it back to the right people in the field.

Anyone can access the forms using any mobile device which platform is either iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8. Manage your business anywhere with the Vehicle Check App and any member of your organization can stay in the loop as well - anywhere and anytime.

If you are keen on improving your management control over your firm, explore Vehicle Check App app. Take our tour today!

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